colonel cassad

Holodomor holiday
Colonel Cassad, Nov 28 2022 15:08

Holodomor victims celebrate their professional holiday.

Waiting for winter
Colonel Cassad, Nov 28 2022 10:32

Dynamics of weather changes in Ukraine in late November-early December. By the next weekend, winter will come into its own. The ground will begin to freeze slightly and we can expect an intensification of active offensive operations on both sides, since now the terrain and weather are not favorable for the movement of equipment outside highways and asphalt roads.

Of course, expectations of frost and improvement of soil parameters do not stop current hostilities. Merely positional factors are still pressing in them.

About Storming Artemovsk
Colonel Cassad, Nov 27 2022 22:50

Our troops here remain on the initiative and continue their offensive. PMC Wagner is actively engaged in assault operations. The main battles are for Opitne, south of Artemovsk in the direction of Kurdyumovka, on the eastern outskirts of the city and to the northeast in the direction of Krasna Gora. There is no surrounding the enemy in Artemovsk at the moment. Despite heavy losses, the enemy continues to maintain the integrity of the front, regularly saturating it with transferred reserves, which are concentrated in the area of Chasov Yar. Ukrainian sources today reported that only over the past 2 days in Artemovsk, more than 500 were wounded, to understand the intensity of battles. There is also no reason to believe that the enemy will somehow react to strange propaganda about ultimata. The command of the AFU perfectly understands that in case of loss of Artemovsk, “Popasna Flower 2.0” will bloom there. After the loss of Opitne and the beginning of the assault on Artemovsk, the enemy clearly expects to hold on to the eastern part of Artemovsk for some time, and then retreat to the western regions of the city. The bridge in the city center has long been blown up. In case of loss of the city, they will gradually retreat to Chasov Yar. In the current realities, it is quite possible to agree with Prigozhin’s opinion that the more our troops grind the enemy troops in Artemovsk, the better.

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