fuck this – i’m moving to livejournal

WordPress is a piece of shit, not unlike Blogspot (the home of the diaphanous Xymphora). My new daily blogging location will be here:


It will certainly be faster for me, and to judge by Colonel Cassad, it will have a virtually unlimited photo capacity (whereas I am running out of my photo space on WordPress and can no longer delete old photos to make space for new ones, because the bulk edit has been removed from the photo archive dashboard).

… and you’ll say what? You want us to make you look good? That’s not my job. Your job is to make us look good. Our job is not to make you look good, American Jews. What do you have to worry about? Your job is to make us look good. And here’s how you do it: everyone of us has to serve three years in the army, two years in the army, some of us five years, and then for the rest of our lives, YOU have got to serve two or three years in the army of words. You’ve got to learn to fight the political battle, which is even more important at this point than the military battle, that we are— we’ll fight the military battle, we’re not asking you necessarily to come and be lone soldiers, although some of you can. You’ve go to learn how to fight back on the campuses, how to make the arguments. Now they keep shifting. You know, the ground keeps shifting under us. They keep changing the language; intersectionality wasn’t even a word ten years ago, now suddenly it’s intersectionality. You’ve got to stay on top of it. And you know how we train for the army? We don’t train for defensive warfare. If the war against Israel ever had to be fought on Israeli soil… do I have to tell you? It’s an impossibility. So it’s the same thing. Don’t let the war of words ever be fought about Israel’s nature. Let it be fought about why you can’t accept Israel, why you have to single out this tiny people. Try to find Israel on the map, it’s hardly there. You know we used to play this game, “Where’s Waldo?”, you know, where is Waldo on the map? Are you gonna really tell me that this is the country you want to blame? Push them on it, teach them how to defend by attacking. Teach them really, what to unsays [?] as in fencing. You’ve got to do— you’ve got to make demands on them. They’ve got to serve for three years in the army of words.

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  1. lobro
    Posted May 21, 2021 at 5:31 am | Permalink

    me too: https://lobro.livejournal.com/360.html

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